Sean Crim

Sean Crim is a Los Angeles based artist, primarily working in oil on canvas along with acrylic and pastel with a focus on non-objective art.  He utilizes color, contrast and texture creating bright, powerful and enlightening works of art. His work provides a sense of self-enlightenment, positive energy and a look into his inner-self and whole entity. His contemporary style depicts aspects of non-objection and abstract expressionism involving his emotional and psychological self with his present intuition from personal experiences and mental achievements. His art impacts one’s self by taking them to another realm, inner-state and feeling that makes them look deeper within themselves, pushing their boundaries of what they truly want and desire in life and within.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992, art has always been a vital part of Sean’s life. Art was his form of therapeutic, creative expressionism, conveying his inner thoughts and feelings without explaining them in words. It created a positive escape from reality, freeing him from the stigmas and labels of society and allowing him to truly be his own self. In the fall of 2007, Sean took his art to the next level while attending Georgetown Preparatory School in Washington DC. He continued his art at Wake Forest University, where he earned his BS in Finance and minor in Studio Art. His studies brought him back to his art foundation and a deeper understanding of where his art can go.

No matter the journey, everything always brought him back to the one thing he truly loves, art. Building his foundation, Sean began working primarily on commission pieces, creating a body of work, and bringing happiness to others. He started creating bodies of work that were focused around positive mental health and positive mental reinforcement. The pieces became an expression of his emotions and inner-self through memory and personal experiences. In November of 2017, Sean showcased his art in the Malibu Art Walk. Over the next year, Sean continued honing in on his ongoing theme of self-exploration, positive mental change, and inner-strength. From his series ‘Perseverance’, Sean created 'Animals, the Spirit Within', which exemplified inner emotions, self-perseverance and strength through the spirit, emotion and stance of animals. He finished this series in late fall of 2018 and showcased it at The Regent Cocktail Club in Miami for Art Basel 2018 Miami. Sean’s newest pieces transform from an abstract expressionist style into non-objective art as portrayed in his series ‘Into the Light’. The paintings focus on his inner emotions, intuition, personal growth, and ability to always find the light no matter how dark it becomes. In the fall of 2019, Sean showcased part of this series in a group show titled 'Into the Light', based on his series, at The Whole 9 Gallery in Culver City, California. Currently, Sean dives deeper into non-objective work with his series, Present + Positive, exemplifying an emotional, intuitive self through the power and strength of surrendering in the now, the present moment. 

Sean’s work is being displayed across the US in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC and Atlanta as well as Puerto Rico. Sean continues to bring awareness, connect, and have a greater impact through his focus on overall emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance through positivity, personal change and growth and mental health. This is only the beginning as he continues to learn, grow and transform his passion for art.