Paige Smith

Paige Smith is a visual artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She is most notable for creating “Urban Geode,” a street art series of sculptures that resemble geodes, made entirely of paper and resin casts.

Always interested in geology, Smith started to notice the nooks and crannies in the sides of buildings, walls, and abandoned phone booths within her community of the Historical Arts District (in Los Angeles). Seeing this as an opportunity to create, Smith took street-art to a whole new level.

Each “geode” is puzzled together out of individual polyhedra that are in turn made of hand folded die-cut paper or roto-cast resin. The finished pieces seem to explode out of walls, frames, and cracks in the city. Each installation is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered as people go about their daily routine. Her work has a palpable sense of “Magical Realism” that says, “Take a look around, notice the small things. Find wonder and beauty in the mundane and forgotten.”