Paris Amoroso

Paris Amoroso is a special artist who uses color in a child-like way. The paintings are innocent, pure and magical.

Paris is a young artist who got his start painting his own canvases at Art Unified in Los Angeles. Influenced by Frida Kahlo, Cy Twombly, Dali and Basquiat, Paris loves to merge intentional child like symbolism with expressionist action painting. He's a rare artist caught between different eras of abstract expressionism, cubism and his own. His instinctive use of paint also has a freedom and purity to it. Although Amaroso has been inspired to create art since he was younger, it wasn’t until visiting one of Johan Anderson’s art exhibits that truly gave him the motivation to pursue his passion. With all the room to grow under Anderson’s tutelage, Amoroso feels that he can take his passion to new heights and reach the potential that he knows he harbors within.