Crista Hope

Using art and creativity as a vehicle, Crista Hope is a tenacious promoter of the healing power of love & God.  Crista aims to create paintings and drawings that are alive with a life force that is palpable.  Her work emphasizes the human journey toward mental, physical and spiritual balance and health and her lifelong passion for growth, personal development, creativity, spirituality and God.  Crista strives to illuminate the aspect of the human experience that straddles living in the world while connecting with something greater than ourselves- the greater Spirit that guides our lives, brings us peace and teaches us how to love more fully.  Crista is ultimately interested in where the Spirit of God and the world meet and the conversation around being in the world but not of the world.  Her newer work is looking at the distractions of modern life and how they play into our mental, physical and spiritual health… where God, spirituality, religion, faith, hope and love fit into the individualistic, hustle, comparison driven, branded modern culture and commercialization of our lives that has been hyper developed with social media.  Crista is not interested in demonizing modern culture but rather acknowledging the presence of something greater in our midst despite it and how to acknowledge and return to that Spirit that is always with us while maintaining a life in the world.  

Crista Hope Artist Biography

Crista Hope grew up in Indianapolis, IN.  After graduating from DePauw University with BA in Writing, Crista moved to New York City where she interned and eventually worked in the photo department at Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine.  After working for Interview Crista worked for the famous party photographer Patrick McMullan who was also discovered by Andy Warhol. After deciding to move on from the photography industry, Crista went to work for the New York Open Center where she worked with the some of the worlds most renowned spiritual teachers while going back to school to get her Mastersin Art & Spirituality from New York University.  In 2006, Crista moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to take a break from city life.  Crista moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and currently lives in Venice Beach.  Passionate about mental health, she taught art as therapy in addiction recovery centers in Orange County and Los Angeles until the pandemic hit the US in March of 2020.  Throughout all her various endeavors, Crista has always made art.  She has been actively creating new work for over twentyyears and after the onset of the global pandemic made the decision to pursue her art career full time.  Crista has been commissioned by the likes of Pastor, Author & world-renowned life coach Tim Storey.  Her work hangs in places like Charles Arnoldi’s studio in Venice, CA and in homes, restaurants and offices around the country.