$ 950.00

Red Soft Serve

Resin, Ink

7" x 5" x 5"

Betsy Enzensberger is a Southern California-based pop artist who is known for her whimsical resin sculptures. Her flagship Original Melting Pops™ series has had international recognition and acclaim. She has exhibited with galleries domestically in Los Angeles, Miami, Des Moines, Dallas, Charlotte, and New York, and internationally in Hong Kong, London, Stockholm, Belgium, Hamburg, and Byron Bay. Born and raised in New York, Betsy graduated from Tulane University’s fine arts program and apprenticed with the renowned sculptor Eric Johnson in Los Angeles.  She now resides and creates in Palm Springs, CA. 

As a medium, resin has allowed me to bring life to my sculptures with a juxtaposition of rich colors, textures, opacity, and translucency. After years of learning how to work with this challenging material, the results that I can achieve with resin are well worth the time and patience required to create a single sculpture. In order to turn my design ideas into reality, I must push the resin to its limits - a process I very much enjoy.I have always been inspired by the universal recognition of the frozen treats that bring joy to people worldwide. The sizes, shapes, and flavors of these treats vary depending on culture, but they bring smiles to people just the same.  It is my intention to spark joy and inspire nostalgia by utilizing the unifying form of the ice pop. If I can connect with someone across the world over a simple thing like an ice pop, then I feel like I have created a sense of unity and positive connection. Why are they melting? This element begs for the sculptures to be rescued. Once saved from impending doom, the sculpture is then coveted in its partially melted form. The perfectly imperfect half melted sculpture is the epitome of the series title “Tragically Sweet.”