Sweet Sensations
$ 850.00

Sweet Sensations

Sweet Sensations

Sweet Sensations consists of 6 popsicles in rainbow pearls and transparent aqua mounted on acrylic. This impossibly balanced tower simulates active melting while preserving the perfect moment in time before the tower tips over. Check out the melted rainbow puddle.
This is a 100% handmade resin sculpture by Betsy Enzensberger. Each sculpture is unique and can not be exactly replicated.
Medium: Resin, Ink, Wood, mounted on Acrylic
14.5” tall x 11” x 7”


Betsy Enzensberger sculpts works that create a visceral longing and remembrance of the most nostalgic delights from childhood. The artist uses the familiarity of those sweet treats to help us remember the simplicity, value and culture of desserts so often associated with positivity and joy. 

Betsy has become quite well known for her realistic, larger-than-life sculptures of dripping, frozen treats. Resin looks like candy. It appears delicious and sweet. The shiny exterior has a wet, melting quality. Her Melting series plays with the desires of everyone’s inner child. The lure of sweet, sticky popsicles artificially instills intense longing. The colorful confections practically beg to be rescued and consumed.


Enzensberger was born and raised in New York. She graduated from Tulane University in 2001 and is now a Los Angeles-based artist with a studio in Mar Vista. She has shown with galleries domestically in Los Angeles, Miami and New York, and internationally in Hong Kong, London, Stockholm, Hamburg and Byron Bay, Australia. You can find her sculptures in multiple public and private art collections.