Digital Canvases
Digital Canvases
$ 20,000.00

Digital Canvases

6 “Digital Canvases” that have the ability to be run individually or connected together as a group. Each canvas was created with ghost white plexiglass which enables the colors to illuminate. Inside of the plexiglass we have custom grid material which houses the LED’s and electronics. We have a mounting system that enables me to be flexible with any style of layout.

The canvases are able to be controlled via Laptop or Mobile device depending on the delivery. I can deliver Static Images, Motion Graphics, Code based Animations, or Sound based interactivity.

The size of each canvas is 40” Inch Wide x 60” Inch Tall when individually setup. When all 6 digital canvases are connected the size can be 240” Inch Wide x 60” Inch Tall or 40” Inch Tall x 360” Inch Wide. 

Each digital canvas requires 3 - 5V 10A power supplies. In total if all 6 canvases are connected together then I am running 18 - 5V 10A which all connect together inline to a single plug for power.

Each canvas can be sold individually for $4800

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